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The Akhil Group is a leading supplier of fabric & furniture to the contract sector for over a decade; its products are specified regularly for use in the commercial environment. The Group's extensive portfolio enables it to be perfectly placed to meet the stringent demands of the contract market worldwide.

ASI, our Indian parent company has partnered with the right furniture makers to give it’s hospitality clients the perfect product. Because most hospitality clients want furniture along with fabrics, and because they only want to deal with one reputed company for all their works, ASI partnered with furniture makers of different genres for the satisfaction of their clients.

The Furniture department started of in the year 2009 and it’s demand in hospitality has only increased with time, making it a significant part of ASI.

The quality and consistency is just as good as any other ASI fabric.

The Apostrophe Furniture department is just as flexible and versatile as the fabric department. If we don't have a particular design needed by our clients in our catalogue, there is a good chance, we can still make that. Apostrophe has catered to some of the best hospitality, healthcare and A&D industries.

The Apostrophe Furniture department hires the finest artisans who carry a 30+ year experience in the ways of making of furniture.