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This season we have launched four collections. Two of them are woven jacquard collections, while the other two are embroidery collections.


Again a premium jacquard collection with different patterns. Patterns of colorful flakes and strokes are displayed in this book. This was inspired by the colors and ambience of New York during winters.


A premium yet well priced poly jacquard with sharp patterns of paisleys, flowers, and other contemporary designs.This collection has the perfect colors that customers rarely find in jacquards.


An elegant floral embroidery collection with the perfect yarn matchings to make any fabric buy fall in love with it. This collection has some of the most unique floral embroideries.


A beautiful medallion themed embroidery book with brilliant colors. This collection was inspired by the merry go round. The colors, lights and energy that you see in a circus are what we have tried to improvise in this collection.